ITU Social Innovation Research and Application Center aims to generate novel and
effective solutions in addition to innovative ideas for social, economic and environmental
issues by prioritizing social benefit. The Center targets on carrying out multidisciplinary
research and development projects in cooperation with internal and external stakeholders in
order to develop solutions based on social innovation.

The objective of ITU Social Innovation Research and Application Center is to further
enhance the innovation capacity of ITU while generating solutions for public problems by the
joint effort of university-industry-public stakeholders via the use of ITU's well-established
education and eminent research capacity enriched with ITU's vision of being a leading,
international university through its expertise and creativity in science, technology and art.

ITU Social Innovation Research and Application Center intends to enable the active
participation of ITU students to the projects and training activities developed for generating
sustainable and effective solutions to social problems focusing particularly on process
improvement, product and service innovation, social support and public awareness issues.

ITU’s contributions to the nation’s socio-economic development will increasingly continue
by cultivating its students -young engineers, researchers, architects, entrepreneurs, artists
and managers- to be not only competent and creative in science, technology and arts but
also sensitive towards the needs of the society from which they generate.